Want to know how can we work together?
Click here to CONNECT to have a heart to heart chat
- Absolutely Complimentary & with No Obligation
Want to know how can we work together?
Click here to CONNECT to have a heart to heart chat
- Absolutely Complimentary & with No Obligation

I usually get asked during first time conversations - how do I pronounce your name. I believe this is good starting point for you to begin to know me. K is silent in my name 'Kshama' It means 'Forgiveness' in Sanskrit language and Indian Culture. Whenever we get chance to speak, I would love to share the humorous stories of pronouciations I get to hear even from the people of my own country. I would love to know the meaning of your name when I will get to speak to you. The journey of raising your self awareness, knowledge and finding deeper meanings in your life begins NOW as you learnt little bit about my name. 


I love to call myself 'Kreator' and 'Believer' of 'Kreate Your Life' rather than conventional titles. My motto is to live life to the fullest in every role I get to play and I live truly in every aspect of life by challenging status quo, embracing humour, playfulness, courage and immense curiosity - thats the legacy I want to leave behind. 


Whenever I started becoming complacent, I asked one question to myself that 'would I like to spend my entire life this way (well paid job, routine life of rat race)? The answer came back saying NO. The life is not about finding comfort zone but to find out what immense learning is there in 'Uncomfort' zone by taking new challenges. I am always curious what is the next level for me in every aspect of life?


My purpose of life is to live being passionate, daring & loving woman who inspires human beings around & empower them to make choices in order to experience their true potential.

I am deeply passionate about understanding client's requirements' in any aspect of life be it 'Health, Wealth, Personal Growth, Relationships, Career or life in general' with insatiable curiosity and helping them build life what they truly desire and ready to explore their true potential while preserving client’s privacy and confidentiality.

I often like to take feedback from the friends, family and clients. so When my friends, colleagues and clients were asked about what I am best at. I feel humble and deep gratitude for having such wonderful beings around. -

 -  Enthusiasm, zest for life, eagerness to learn, no inhibitions and great listening skills!

 - Jolly & Energetic, Talented

 - Understanding people very well

 - First time I met you it was your 'Bindaast (Daring) attitude' that caught my attention. Now its your passion for life I admire most.

 - Love your energy and liveliness quality a lot. It's not easy for everyone but you do it and inspire motivate many others. 

 - Your openness to embrace the new! Beautiful friendly energy 

 - You are so bubbly and easy to talk to; full of integrity.

 - Your simplicity and down to earth nature

 - come as a very down to earth person. U do have a strong taste in trying new things.

 - I think understanding and positive attitude these 2 things i like d most in u.

 - Dynamic, good willpower, understands and contribute towards social values, continuous improvement through learning, encourages others, down 2 earth and most importantly, very Jolly personality:)

 - Your energy n zeal to try something new n challenging.

 - You are very energetic and adventurous