• How to turn around procrastination into action in 4 simple steps and achieve milestone in your business

    I am very curious to find out the root cause behind procrastination which keeps us small, safe and does not allow us to live our purpose. That's why I am motivated to create universal models which will be applicable in any area where we may be stuck and not feeling a sense of progress. I am sure that you might have at least one area to reflect on your mind where you are not making progress so that you could implement these 4 steps for me.

    Let's first learn those four steps with an open mind:

    1. Awareness - The first step is to recognize that you are procrastinating on the important aspect in your business and  life. Once we become aware, we get curious to find why we do what we do. It's not easy, I must say. However I have work with 20 models to assist my lovely clients to find 'Why they do what they do by procrastinating'.
    2. Acceptance - There is quote 'Longer you resist change, longer ineffective you become'. Unless you accept what and why you have been procrastinating. It's an important step because you will not progress further and you will not move to decide what needs to be focused on.
    3. Decision - After you accept the fact and the truth that you are stuck and reasons behind it, you must decide what else to focus on as you decide to let go what is not serving you and keeping you stuck. This may be one of your disempowering beliefs or the conflicting values.
    4. Action - You must act in line with doing the needed step, task or activity to complete and achieve milestone towards goal or goal itself.

    In summary, first 2 steps are the hard part of the process and the rest becomes a formality once you decide to move towards achieving goals and results in business.  I want to invite you to think about any situation where you are procrastinating and apply these 4 steps. I challenge you.

    Will you let me know which step made a difference in your thinking?

    Did you take action on what you were procrastinating on?

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    Never be stuck,

    Your Business Strategist for Life!