Welcome to Your Best Year 2016

    I am so excited to write my first blog and initiate conversation with you in 2016. Let me wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. I am feeling humble to make you integral part of my life because I am like each one of you who have had ups and downs in life and are keen to have a positive change in own life and assist in others too. I want to share regularly with you through the blog how I am creating my life. I want to live to the fullest where every moment is filled with love, gratitude and courage.

    You may have read my post regarding my learnings / reflection / highlights of 2015 which I summed up for each area of my life. You can search by #kreateyourlife in Facebook. To give short background, I felt the need to change the course of my life beginning of 2015. I was waiting for things to happen to me. I had aha moment when I realised that Life does not happen to you, you have to make things happen in your life. This may mean nothing to some but may mean a lot to many. The theme of 2015 was that I wanted to do things which I have never done and specially look at ‘what does not interest me’ in my life. I came across Life Coaching and I still remember that I was freeze to decide that ‘is it for me?’ I am glad that I said YES to myself and opened the door to self-love, self-power and Mindfulness. One of the examples to share demonstrating the power of mindset coaching, I achieved a splendid breakthrough where I did my first 14k run in City2surf along with exceeding fundraising goal for animals conservation cause from no experience. I am now focusing on doing my first half marathon soon. The reason I am sharing this is because you will achieve the same results what you have known till now and the Mindset Coach helps you to explore the areas of your mind which are not touched, taped till date to achieve extraordinary results. So if you want to bring transformation and achieve breakthrough in every area of life, you need a Mindset Coach. Bear in mind, I can only help if you love your life and You are curious to begin your journey of ‘Kreate Your Life’ then do a favour by saying YES to yourself and begin the journey beyond ‘what you know’.

    So which area of your life, you are absolutely rocking, where you are bored, where you feel unsatisfied and where are you struggling? Would you like to know how your circle of life looks like? Enter your details below to receive ‘Circle of life’ assessment tool.

    Last but not the least - Did you like my blog? I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, feedback and let’s have an ongoing interaction. I may learn something from you so please share :)