How are you scoring out of 10 on Self Management?

    Quality of life is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself. In today’s post, we are going to talk about one of the aspects on how you manage your feelings (one essential part of self management) i.e. by the quality of questions you ask. How do you know what is good and bad quality of questions? What is your definition of good and bad quality of questions? If you believe everyone have same definition then you are not correct my friend! 

     If you feel good or you feel not alright at particular moment, I would like you to observe what question did you ask yourself, what you were thinking that time.

     Subconsciously we are having self talk all the time. it is YOU who make you feel good or bad at any moment. So what happens if you feel good, you may smile more often, you may pass good energy to the people around, you may be fully present to the task, meeting or whatever you may be doing.

     What happens if you may not feel good, you may withdraw, you may not do the task with 100% focus, or achieve the results which you want for the day. At the end, you may look for things outside in order to make you feel good or get over with the uncomfortable feeling of not being good at that moment, like let’s go for coffee or what is happening in town this weekend or what’s happening in others life. Two things you teach yourself subconsciously in this scenario: -

    1. I have to depend outside for making me feel good.
    2. It’s ok to not to acknowledge my feelings of why I am feeling the way I feel at this moment. I just have to ignore it.

    It is an act of rudeness and going away from SELF-LOVE. I will cover more about Self love in another post.

    4 Steps to tell yourself to feel better:

    1. First step is to acknowledge your own or others feeling how much ever it may be pleasant or unpleasant. Have an Empathy with you and others.
    2. I am responsible for how I feel right now by taking deep breath. I am Being at cause by taking responsibility for myself.
    3. I am taking responsibility to have a great feeling for me and for others with whom so ever I will interact today. Thus I am Going beyond myself.
    4. If someone is having a bad day, I am capable of turning it around for the other person too in order to have a positive experience with me. I am Taking self management at much higher level.

     The key empowering questions to ask yourself every time irrespective of how you feel: -

    • What are my key learnings about me, the situations and others?
    • What can I do more to make this experience enriching for me and others?

     How would you feel after you ask these questions? Listen to yourself RIGHT NOW what are you feeling, are asking or telling yourself. Can you share other empowering questions which will benefit others? Sharing what you feel and key learnings from reading this is an act of SELF LOVE so Leave your comments and views below.


    Kshama is founder of Kreate Your Life movement, personal and business Coach who is passionate in what she does, daring and inspiring. She assists self motivated individuals who loves their life; are keen on finding the next version of themselves. Do you want to improve your score on Self management?  Its about YOU daring to find the next best version of yourself within YOU and not depending externally.  Book your 15 mins at to have a discovery chat.