Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Coaching?

Coaching in its’ simplest form is a trusted & professional relationship between the coach & the client. Coaching provides a thought-provoking and innovative process to assist, support, champion and challenge the client so they are equipped with the strategies for generative learning and to achieve their potential. Coaching assists a client to achieve whatever they want in all areas of their life. It identifies where the individual is currently in their lives, where they want to be, what choices they have to close the gap & finally what actions they will commit to.


  • What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset Coaching provides the opportunity for clients to explore what’s holding them back, develop mindset strategies for moving forward and to be held accountable as they take action to hit their goals. It’s a conversation-based relationship that can last just a few hours or several years. Clients can work on areas such as:


 Confidence to take action

 Improving relationships

 Planning an important project

 Strategies to conquer fears

 Work/life balance

 Health and fitness

 Career development or change

 How to have difficult conversations


The Coach is trained in how to coach each of these areas and is able, through questions and shared insights, to assist the client to formulate their own strategies for moving forward. A Coach doesn’t “tell” a client what to do. It isn’t advice-giving or training. It is a conversation where the client forms their own decisions about how to proceed. The coach facilitates the decision, and then assists the client to set a game-plan, overcome obstacles, take action and form new, beneficial ways of thinking and acting. At all times the client drives the agenda of the sessions and chooses where they would like to focus. Through this the client learns to take responsibility for their choices and their results, which gives them more opportunities to succeed.


  • What are the Benefits through coaching?

You sometime may feel that the pain of resisting change has become more intense than the effort needed to embrace the change. That's when the client becomes ready and he or she commits for the change. Then just the way to get on the action path is needed. Thats where Coach will ask you empowering questions which you cannot think on your own.  Coach facilitates the journey in the direction which brings all the benefits client may desire - Happiness, Growth, Peace with purpose, Love & Connection, Better relationships, Improved sales in the business, resourceful thinking and much more than that. 


  • I know what I dont want but I dont know what I want. Can Kshama help me with this situation?

Yes Kshama could help in this situation and whoever are stuck in fork in the road whether it be career, relationship or life itself. They are stuck because they keep making same choices. I help them to show how to take steps in the road which they have never taken before. As a result of this, they have disconnected from what is important in their life, they lack sense of direction, purpose, vision and mission. It further results in they lack clarity, starts showing up symptoms of procrastination and self-sabotage. Because of this they have low self esteem, lack of self belief and low self confidence. Therefore they may come to erroneous conclusion of ’there is something wrong with them’ if you know anyone who experiencing these symptoms, I help them overcome this.


  • What are your Services?

​Kshama does coaching, training, consulting, mentoring and speaking in all aspects of life where you are looking for improvement. She has catered herself holisitically in all aspectes ranging from career, business, education, relationship, love & connection, improving wealth mindset, spirituality, friendship, and health & vitality to contribution in the society through various personal and organisational CSR initiatives including diversity & inclusion.


  • What are the next steps after I contact Kshama?

​Kshama will contact you to schedule a convenient time for discovery discussion face to face or over phone or Skype as you prefer. She will assess your situation, requirements and understand your commitment level to take the required efforts to achieve whatever you are aiming. If we are match for each other and agree to progress ahead then she will share the coaching agreeement containing various requirements and outcome along with terms and conditions.