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What is this book about:

I am SHe, Kshama Upadhyay’s debut book is a personal and intimate account of the author’s journey of self-discovery. Pushed to the rock bottom of life, Kshama faced the profound question in her darkest moment 'Who Am I?' and struggles to move past her disappointment. But her inherent optimism and adventurous attitude propel her to pick herself up to decode her past and dared to give herself second birth. In the journey that follows, Kshama learns to face her fears, conquer her limiting beliefs and know her real, true self—drawing courage from her masculine and feminine energies.

Through her experiences, Kshama urges you to take a compassionate look at your life, reflect upon your own experiences, and unleash your core power and purpose in life. Thus, create your compelling future from that place.

Interspersed with insightful stories, proven methodologies and meaningful exercises, the book helps you rediscover and revive yourself with an inside-out approach. It ignites your curiosity about yourself and instils confidence in you to live your life to the fullest.

You don’t want to leave this world without knowing yourself, do you?

How this will help you in business especially if you are a finance professional? 

  • You will be shining when you will enter a room of unfamiliar people. Your prospects will be attracted to you. 
  • Your credibility will be established in first meeting as personal branding will be so clear.
  • Your profitability will be a step away as you increase your visibility and credibility.

About the Author

When Kshama started becoming complacent in life, she asked herself one question: Is this how I want to spend the rest of my life? Her answer was ‘no’. Thus, began a journey of self-exploration, self-discovery and self-love.

Kshama comes from a humble, middle-class Indian family. So, her parents and family never thought she would make a transition from a secure corporate job to an entrepreneurial venture after fifteen years living in certainty and security. Kshama shifted from ‘computer programming to mindset programming’ and started her new journey in the field of human behaviour. She was her own first client.

Kshama is passionate about uncovering magic by decoding mindset. Her most cherished value in life is life itself. Patience and compassion are her buddies in the journey of life.

She believes "WE are Extraordinary”, do you believe?

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'Be Daring and Be an Inspiration'

Kshama (Forgiveness)